Booking conditions

  • Your reservation will be canceled after 10 minutes if we do not receive a notification on your part.
  • Due to the exceptional situation for the Covid-19, three shifts will be established at noon (12h, 13:30h and 15:30h) and two shifts at night (20h and 21:30h). In case of booking in the first shifts, please note that you must clear the table after 1:30.
  • Online reservations larger than 6 people, fill up the form “Group request” or give us a call in order we can confirm your reservation.
  • If you are not able to do your booking online give us a call at (+34) 93 221 35 58
  • Point out any request in the comments section and we will do everything in our power to make it possible:
  • If you have a baby carriage and need space, please indicate it.
  • The restaurant is adapted for people with reduced mobility. Please inform us to have the necessary space.